Having problems with your sewer and can’t find the answer? Call Us To Schedule your sewer inspection today!

A Sewer Inspection can really help sort out drain problems.

We will come out and identify where the sewer line access is located. That might be outside, in the basement, or crawlspace, through a toilet, or even through a roof vent.

After locating the access point, we will run our camera or snake (depending on the service) all the way out the city main for the best inspection possible.

Maintain A Sewer Line?

A mainline sewer cleaning is recommended every so often (how often depends on the condition of the sewer line, and if there are in trees located in the yard) to maintain the full integrity of the sewer line.

A mainline sewer back up is not only gross but can be costly. If your home floods with a sewage backup, you have to hire the professionals to come in and clean the correct way. Not to mention the damage to your home and belongings. This is also a quality investment, to avoid a costly future payout.

Sewer inspection is a very inexpensive peace of mind investment!

We always recommend a sewer inspection by an experienced Colorado Springs Plumbing Company prior to purchasing a home or when you have mainline drain problems.

The reason being, you have absolutely no idea the condition of the sewer line until you send “eyes” down there with a quality inspection. There’s nothing worse than purchasing your dream home, only to have a issue with the mainline several months of ownership and then finding out you need to sink a couple thousand dollars into repairs.